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Learn the basic of how to get credentials to access our APIs, test and more.

  • Accept GoFood orders straight to your POS.
  • Sync and update menus automatically.
  • Transacations all recorded in one place.


Who can use and create integration?
As of now, only the developer assigned using the owner's registered email in GoBiz is allowed to create an integration.
Do I still need to use GoBiz app once the integration established?
No. Once you have integrated your POS with our GoBiz API, all orders will flow directly to your POS system. Menu sync and promo setup are also available via API with more features to come which reduces the dependency on using GoBiz app. However, we still recommend you keep the GoBiz app as a backup solution.
Once I complete the testing, how I make it live?
Once you've completed the integration, please contact us via this form and we'll verify the integration.

GoBiz Authorized Partners

  • Hubster
  • klikit
  • majoo
  • Runchise
  • ESB
  • Mokapos
  • iSeller
  • Ravintola
  • vireo
  • HashMicro

Your Integrations, powered by GoBiz

  • Burger King
  • McDonalds
  • Circle K
  • Farmers Market

and many more!

New! Outlet Linking API

Seamlessly manage outlet linking like never before